I have enjoyed my time at WaveFit. It was great for my stress alone. Made my back feel so much better. My instructor made PT in the pool a great experience for me. She was very kind and thoughtful. I will miss my time here at WaveFit. Thank you so much.

Mary J.

During my 20+ years of running marathons I have seen my share of physical therapists. Not one could match the benefit that I received from WaveFit pool therapy. Not only do their trainers target your area of concern but also incorporate strength, flexibility, and balance into your routine, which you don’t get from traditional physical therapy.

Brian H.

Wavefit has been a perfect fit for my husband Lorenzo. The entire staff is so friendly, helpful, and gracious. They are a joy to work with and make exercise fun for their clients. I would highly recommend them.

Christine P. on behalf of Lorenzo P.

Wavefit was so instrumental in my total knee replacement! The staff was so caring, loving, and patient. Picking Wavefit was the best thing I did for my recovery.

Gemma K.

My experience with Wavefit has been wonderful. Exercise therapy in the pool is great and helpful in many ways. The therapists are professional, kind, and wonderful to work with. I am so grateful to have them on my therapy team. My therapy in the pool was joy.

Winafred C.

I enjoyed successful physical therapy treatments at WaveFit for my newly reconstructed hip. The professional backgrounds of the therapists were outstanding. I look forward to another round of treatments for my other hip in the future.

Bary R.

I love Wavefit! Best PT I have ever had. I have improved more in 6 months than I have in years of PT before this.

Margaret B